Exclusive High School Features

The foundation for your education

The building blocks of success! It’s the exclusive features that make our program work. These qualities enable us to provide you with a well-rounded education. We are not just an online high school; we provide you with the complete high school experience. You get the instruction you need, with the technology and support to help you achieve your goals.

Allied Features

Online high school enables you to customize your education. You choose the time and the place to take your classes. You get an innovative experience that is:

  • Credible – The curriculum is accredited and aligned with national and state standards.
  • Quality – The instruction and class materials are top notch.
  • User friendly – It is easy to navigate and take part in the program.
  • Interactive – The program encourages students to actively contribute and participate.  


The key to your success! Support is a vital aspect of Allied National High School. We assist you with your high school career by providing:

  • Constant communication –There is direct student/teacher interaction through discussion boards, e-mail, fax, and phone.
  • Effective student services – There is ongoing instructional support and technical assistance for students.
  • Academic advisor – There is academic support with determining a course of study and planning for a career or college.


Technology plays a major role in online high school. At Allied, we employ the following technology to help you navigate and participate in the program:

  • Online collaboration – You can interact with classmates and instructors through group discussions. 
  • Whiteboards – You can communicate in real time through the use of illustrated information.
  • Discussion boards – You can participate in topics of discussion by posting and replying to comments on a website.

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Find out how our online high school features can help you get a quality education.