Overview of Our Online Programs

Accredited, Affordable, Flexible
and Academically Rigorous

Learn from home! Allied National High School is a fully accredited private school that provides all of its instruction through distance education.

This means that students do not go to a physical high school, but rather attend school through the use of their computer.

Think of it as a virtual classroom. You have access to the same features as a regular high school, with the added benefits of getting an education in a user-friendly online environment.

And you have a lot of choices. We offer both general diploma and college-preparatory tracks to prepare you for success in college, a career school and the competitive workplace.

We're exactly the same as regular high school

  • Fully recognized diploma
  • Detailed classes and textbooks
  • Up-to-date class materials
  • Regular assignments, quizzes and exams
  • Highly qualified teachers, a high school counselor, and a supportive administrative staff
  • Group discussions and hands-on lab assignments
  • Student/teacher/parent interaction

… with the added benefits of an online experience.

ANHS students working toward their online diploma:

  • enjoy a safe, flexible, and peaceful learning environment.
  • benefit from strong, supportive teamwork with students, parents and teachers.

You're Invited!

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Technology plays a major role in online high school. At Allied, we employ the following technology to help you navigate and participate in the program:

  • Whiteboards – You can communicate in real time through the use of illustrated information.
  • Discussion boards – You can participate in topics of discussion by posting and replying to comments on a website.


The key to your success! Support is a vital aspect of Allied National High School. We assist you with your high school career by providing:

  • Constant communication –There is direct student/teacher interaction through discussion boards, e-mail, fax, and phone.
  • Effective student services – Starting with a clear Student Orientation session, there is ongoing instructional support and technical assistance for students.
  • High School Counselor – There is academic support with determining a course of study and planning for a career or college.


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Special Points
  • No hidden fees
  • Standards-based curriculum

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