The Allied Homeschooling Advantage

At Allied National High School, we provide you with options for your home school instruction. Our online high school programs provide you with a way to fulfill your requirements from home. It is convenient and easy to complete your homeschooling online.

We want to make your high school homeschooling easier for you. By choosing Allied, you are choosing a partner in your education. We will work together with you to ensure that you meet your academic goals.

We are the perfect answer for all of your home school needs. We go the extra mile! If you need additional instruction on a specific subject, want to take a class that is not available to you, or participate in a full high school curriculum, we have everything that you need.

Allied is Your Home School Partner

You might find that when you get to high school, the subjects become more difficult and that you need additional assistance. We can complement your high school homeschooling. Our comprehensive curriculum, personalized support and qualified staff will enhance your home school experience.

We provide all of the advantages of a traditional high school without the social, safety and academic concerns. You can rest assured that Allied National High School will provide you with a superior education that prepares you for college and your professional career. When you enroll in Allied, you get quality homeschooling online.

Find out how participating in homeschooling online can prepare you for college.

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Contact a representative at (800) 968-4034 to find out how Allied can help you. We have an online high school program to suit every educational need.