ESLRs: Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Responsible citizens who…

  • Treat people of all backgrounds with dignity and respect
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements and expectations of a United States citizen
  • Demonstrate conscientiousness and honesty through personal and academic performance

Effective critical thinkers who…

  • Solve real-life challenges with efficient problem-solving skills
  • Use a variety of methods to examine, define, and assess ideas
  • Apply problem-solving skills to achieve a personal or academic goal
  • Solve problems through the effective use of pertinent technology

Persuasive communicators who…

  • Have the ability to transport and define communication through a variety of media
  • Write English clearly and proficiently
  • Effectively communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences 

Open-minded learners who…

  • Welcome the diversity of individuals through multicultural projects
  • Acquire and apply knowledge about new technology
  • Apply research and analysis skills to form factual, unbiased perspectives and responses

Goal oriented students who...

  • Secure measurable goals that are both personal and professional
  • Develop a plan to achieve post graduation goals
  • Are self directed learners
  • Demonstrate time management skills to meet academic deadline