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Feedback: ANHS Success Stories

"I am 17 years old, and I am a student with Allied National High School. Being a student with Allied has opened up many opportunities for me to chase my dreams and pursue a definitive career in film making. This dream might not have been made possible without the support of the Allied school system, as well as their flexibility and willingness to accommodate each student and family. I am grateful to have this connection with Allied, and for the tremendous advantage of pursuing my dream and all I was created to be. Please enjoy the following video, as this was one of my most recent productions, as well as one of my favorite productions to have been a crucial part of as the director and cinematographer."

        - Jared S.


Leo A.,
DEAC Outstanding Student 2015
Graduating Senior

“I convinced my parents to home school me for high school.” “I wanted more time to work with my sheep and in my garden. ANHS fit our needs.” “Allied National High School allowed me to be home, where I could work and learn at the same time.”

Carolina M.
Graduating Senior 2015

“I couldn't have gotten to where I am now without the help and support you and the faculty have offered me since day one of enrolling..and I can't tell you how thankful I am.”

Ariana Rodriguez, ANHS student

"I am so grateful to have found an accredited online high school that is affordable and meets my needs as a student and actress."

Lili R

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Taylor Frisbie, ANHS graduate

"I decided to attend Allied (National High School) because I had a baby and wanted to stay home with her during the day. I definitely made the right choice!"

—ANHS graduate
Taylor F

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Parents Recommend Allied National High School:

"The ladies that helped my son all should get a great round of applause. Cody had to complete English 12A&B and without them and their help we would not have made it. "They were all very timely on answering questions and grading the tests. Any question I had they always answered back by the next day at the latest. "Thank you for all your help, and I will recommend you many times over."

        - Tonya W., Cody's mom, 8/15/12

"The folks at Allied are so caring and supportive. Always quick to respond to questions or concerns. I am so glad we took our son out of public school and enrolled him in Allied. He went from struggling to get passing grades to all A's!!!! A dedicated team who truly care about helping your child succeed."

        - Gael D. , Darwin’s mom, 11/19/14

"Hello. I’d like to provide a recommendation to any parent searching for either a temporary educational avenue for their high schooler or a permanent alternative to their current high school situation. Our son was experiencing some difficulties his sophomore year. After completing an extensive search of online schools we chose Allied National (High School).” “Our son was able to complete all his classes for that year with strong grades. When we moved that summer out of state, Allied was there for us so that our son was able to complete a necessary class for his new school over the summer."

"The new school had never before been able to accept all credits from any other online school but were able to do so for our son due to Allied’s full accreditation and competitive curriculum."

"Our son has been able to easily transition back into a ‘brick and mortar’ high school successfully."

"The staff at Allied has been very accommodating to our needs and friendly to work with.”"

" As a teacher I know firsthand the importance of finding the balance between strong academics and flexible accommodations which provides each individual student a path to success.."

        - Cathy L, Carter’s mom

What Other Students Are Saying

Many of our students have good things to say about us. They have successfully completed their classes and provided positive testimonials about our private, online high school. Here's what they have to say:

She had a great experience at Allied National High School."I had a great experience at Allied National High School. It provided me the time I needed which I would not have received at a normal high school. The teachers worked with me very diligently and I received a good education. Thanks."

        - Sean P.

" I greatly enjoyed working with my teacher who was extremely helpful, and online schooling was my best choice!"

        - Jacklyn B.


"Teachers were exceptionally courteous and helpful; always were willing to assist. The overall course was a challenge but the work was fun."

      - Richard E.


"I love Allied, the teachers are amazing and I loved how they were very dedicated and helpful!"

      - Amber-Tiffani W.


She learned more in three months than she did in a whole year at an expensive private school."Allied high school was the best choice for me, they allowed me to excel in ways that I didn't even think I could!"

      - Jacklyn B.


“Allied was meant to be a last resort for my behavior, but instead it turned out to be my second chance. Without Allied I don’t think that I would have ever been able to understand the lessons better. They held my attention and I have gotten better grades at Allied than at my old high school. Thanks Allied!"

- Kelsey J.


“Overall, I learned more in 3 months than I did in a whole year at an expensive private school. I have enrolled in Allied for this year. Yeah – I love it!”

- Rebecca P.


My teacher greatly helped me on everything I needed.“The course was very helpful and I learned a lot more through this than in public school. I recommend this course to anyone thinking about taking it.”

- Thomas V.


“All of the staff I have spoken with and the ones that have helped me were absolutely wonderful. Allied does a great job training their staff.”

- Saaja P.


“My teacher greatly helped me on everything I needed help on and explained every question I had with much detail so I could understand perfectly.”

- Jessica J.


“I really enjoyed my online course…”

- Matt A.


They were really wonderful. Allied does a great job training their staff.“This course was fun. I liked the teachers – they seemed really nice and helpful. They were always in chat when they said they would be there. They were also really good about responding to e-mails.”

- Kelly K.


 “I have to say, I enjoyed taking this course at Allied.”

- Randolph S.


“They were great!”

- Deran D.


“Mr. Gaerttner was extremely helpful and friendly. I did better because of him.”

- Christopher G.


“I feel that Allied National High School has a great staff with a great attitude to go along with it They are willing to help you throughout every step of the course…”

- Eric G.


“Ms. Farmer was extremely helpful and courteous. She was very considerate about my limited understanding of English. I also appreciate her quick responses to my emails.”

- Miyuki T.


“I'm Corrie’s mom and we couldn't be happier with Allied. Everything has been great. Because of Corrie's illness, this is her only opportunity to graduate and go on to college. We thank you very much.”

- Beth V.


“This is a great way to get an education. In my case, a young mother who still can finish high school.”

- Bionca O.

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