Academic Resources

Need a tutor? If you find that you need assistance with your studies, here are some tutoring resources you can use to get help with your coursework. Receive valuable one-on-one assistance 100% online - you don't have to leave home to get the tutoring that you need.


TutorChatLive is a free online tutoring service that provides live tutoring through a convenient web location. Simply log onto the website, register and gain access to a comprehensive list of tutoring services.

You'll find a team of dedicated, knowledgeable tutors in a number of subject areas. You can access tutoring instruction in math, science, physics, Spanish, English, and more. It is a free resource designed to supplement your high school studies and provide the personalized assistance you're looking for.

  • No-cost tutoring services
  • Assistance available for most subjects
  • Convenient online format


Integrated Tutoring

Integrated Tutoring provides instant, online math help that is delivered 24/7. You'll receive one-on-one tutoring via your computer - the tutors are always available and no appointments are necessary. Receive comprehensive tutoring with Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and more.

Each math answer will include a full explanation delivered by a professional tutor that you can interact with - chat with the tutors and ask additional questions if necessary. They will work with your current curriculum to help you understand the coursework.

  • Comprehensive math tutoring services
  • Select your favorite tutors
  • Convenient online format


Hotmath, Inc.

Hotmath provides you with quick access to math teachers and professors so you can get immediate help with assigned homework. Hotmath, Inc. serves over a million students with instant explanations for odd-numbered homework problems for more than 300 math textbooks. Their services are used in over 10,000 schools – they have partnerships with leading math textbook publishers and education companies.

  • Live tutors
  • Math videos
  • Math lessons
  • Graphing calculators
  • Math-related games and activities


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