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ANHS core courses approved by the NCAA

If you are a student-athlete, we have some good news! Allied National High School’s core courses are approved by the NCAA. Simply translated, in order for students to be eligible to participate in college or university athletics as part of the NCAA, they need to finish a certain number of core courses that are approved by the NCAA.

As one of the nation’s premier online home schools, ANHS is committed to its students’ academic and athletic success.

Students can now commence their student-athlete journey with Allied National High School!

The NCAA-approved courses at ANHS include:


  • English 09A (ENG9A)
  • English 09B (ENG9B)
  • English 10A (ENG10A)
  • English 10B (ENG10B)
  • English 11A (ENG11A)
  • English 11B (ENG11B)
  • English 12A (ENG12A)
  • English 12B (ENG12B)

Social Science

  • Economics (ECON)
  • Geography A (GEOGA)
  • Geography B (GEOGB)
  • Psychology A (PSYCHA)
  • Psychology B (PSYCHB)
  • Sociology A (SOCA)
  • Sociology B (SOCB)
  • United States Government (USGOV)
  • United States History A (USHISTA)
  • United States History B (USHISTB)
  • World History A (WHA)
  • World History B (WHB)


  • Algebra 1A (ALGA1A)
  • Algebra 1B (ALG1B)
  • Algebra 2A (ALG2A)
  • Algebra 2B (ALG2B)
  • Geometry A (GEOMA)
  • Geometry B (GEOMB)
  • Pre-Calculus (PRECALA)
  • Pre-Calculus B (PRECALB)

Natural/Physical Science

  • Biology A (BIOA) *Lab
  • Biology B (BIOB) *Lab
  • Chemistry A (CHEMA) *Lab
  • Chemistry B (CHEMB) *Lab
  • Earth Science A (EARTHA)
  • Earth Science B (EARTHB)
  • Environmental Science A (ENVIRONA)
  • Environmental Science B (ENVIRONB)
  • Marine Biology (MARBIO)
  • Oceanography (OCEAN)
  • Physics A (PHYSA) *Lab
  • Physics B (PHYSB) *Lab

Additional Core Courses

  • Spanish 1A (SPAN1A)
  • Spanish 1B (SPAN1B)
  • Spanish 2A (SPAN2A)
  • Spanish 2B (SPAN2B)

Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center's online High School Portal for more information regarding, these basic requirements for Division I, Division II and Division II (post-2013). Allied High School's CEEB/ACT code is: 054148.


The list of NCAA courses, and courses contained within, are maintained as a guide for prospective student-athletes seeking NCAA initial-eligibility. The list of approved courses does not, nor is intended to, signify accreditation, certification, approval or endorsement of any high school or specific courses by the NCAA or NCAA Eligibility Center and is subject to change at any time and without notice. Core course information included on this Web site is provided for guidance purposes only and should not be solely relied on as an indication of NCAA initial eligibility. Certification of a prospective student-athlete is case-specific, and the Eligibility Center has the authority to determine in its sole discretion whether the prospective student-athlete has met all criteria.

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ANHS core courses approved by NCAA
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